Photography Experts on our Similan Liveaboard

Big Blue Khao Lak’s most prolific Similan Liveaboard guests, Amazing photography of the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock’s weird and wonderful creatures are back!

Photography Expertise from Tadashi Osawa

Several of our favourite guests have already joined us on the first two Similan Liveaboards this season. They were even kind enough to let us show you their amazing photography skills in this week’s gallery. This includes some photos of Richelieu Rock’s little critters that we have now located!

Check out this week’s highlights in this movie made by our very own Masaru Sato

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Back Again and Again

After joining us for four Similan Liveaboards last Season, and now into double figures, Tadashi Osawa has joined us again for the first two trips of the season. He was also joined by another of our regular guests; Toshimichi Nakanishi.  It was great to see you again. We thank you for demonstrating your photography masterclass.

Similan Liveaboard
Hallelujah Group Photo Trip #2

We had a great mix of guests this week. Conditions are improving day by day in the Similan Islands and we had some great dives. We hope you had a great trip and hope to see you again.

Photography at the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands provide an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts. The clear blue water combined with the large variety of Marine life can make for some amazing photos. Our Similan Liveaboard has a dedicated camera room and several experienced photography experts.


Photography is a passion for several of our Diving Instructors. However, this week’s Gallery consists of photos exclusively taken by our guests. It takes a lot of time and dedication to take photos this good. But, if you are interested in learning more about underwater photography, Big Blue’s Similan Liveaboard might be the right option for you.

Richelieu Rock’s Little Critters

Last week’s trip to Richelieu Rock had a few waves and a fair bit of surge. Richelieu Rock is always a great dive. But it requires calm conditions if you want to search for the many rare and strange little creatures hiding in the cracks. This week’s conditions were perfect. We had a calm and still Ocean with 30 meter visibility. So this week we found some of our favourite Richelieu Rock residents.

Tigertail Seahorse

A Tigertail Seahorse, Juvenile Harlequin Shrimp, a variety of colourful Nudibranchs  and a few different species of pipefish were all found this week. Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands are already giving us a lot to talk about at the start of this season. I didn’t even mention the brief encounter with a Manta Ray at Koh Tachai this week (check out the video above). Thanks again to Tadashi and Toshimichi for sharing your photography expertise. See you next time!

Image Gallery

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5 thoughts on “Photography Experts on our Similan Liveaboard”

  1. Hi Everybody!
    I am Tadashi Osawa.
    I took the underwater photograph.
    Underwater of Similan is very vivid and colorful!
    This is the sea which I like all over the world.
    You will also surely be able to take a great underwater photograph.

    • Thanks for everything Tadashi. It’s always great to have you on board.
      The Photos are awesome. Maybe see you again later this season?

  2. Thanks a lot for this livaboard on Haleluyah !

    Great dives, nice people and very good weather….

    Special thank’s to Anna, our divemaster !

    Pascal & Christine

  3. What a great experience being on the Hallelujah live aboard with Big Blue Diving! The most amazing dives ever! And as a big plus, we had a lot of fun with the other divers between dives.

    A special thanks to both Chris and Ana for making us feel welcome and relaxed on board.

    Hope to be back for more 😉

    All the best to everyone,
    Rodrigo & Martin

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