Manta Extravaganza & FREE camera rental

Only 4 spaces left on our special Manta extravaganza Similan Liveaboard trip departing 1st March 2016. With two special guests giving scientific presentations. They will teach us about the most up to date Manta Ray research and inform us how we can help with conservation efforts as recreational divers.

Giant Oceanic Manta Ray at Koh Bon Pinnacle
This Manta Ray seems to be checking out the lens of the divers camera.

Manta Ray identification

Talks will include instructions on how to photograph Manta Rays to get a positive identification photo. These photos can be used to find out if a Manta Ray has been seen before and you will receive updates of when it is spotted in future! This information contributes to global conservation efforts and is a great help to the scientific community.

Book now to get a FREE camera rental so you too can get involved in Manta Ray conservation efforts!

Manta Extravaganza identification shot

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The Manta Ray Experts

Anna Flam

Anna FlamOur first guest speaker will be Anna Flam from the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) in Mozambique. She is the Manta Ray research manager of the MMF and the global coordinator for Manta Matcher is where you are able to upload your identification photos and is the only international database of Manta Ray sightings.

Anna Flam is also a dive instructor with over 7 years teaching experience, including 3 years in Thailand. She is excited to return for some more Thailand diving and help advance research on what is believed to be one of the world’s largest populations of giant mantas. Koh Bon is probably the best place in all of Thailand for Manta ray visits. Of course, Manta Ray sightings are never guaranteed. However, in previous years March and April are typically excellent times for encounters with these amazing creatures.

Anna Flam Mant Ray research manager Marine Megafauna Foundation

Anna completed a masters degree in environmental management at Duke University. She also studied conservation & development with a focus on  eco tourism sustainability around Thailand. She is always happy to teach new people about Manta Ray ecology, and how you can help ongoing research and conservation efforts.

Ric Parker

Ric Parker Mant Ray expertOur second guest is Ric Parker, a local diving instructor with a passion for Manta Rays. For several years he has been working on the Marine Megafauna Foundation’s ‘Ray of Hope‘ Expeditions in Thailand & Myanmar. These trips allow the public to take part in ‘citizen science’.

Ric has been in Thailand since 2005 and his first Manta Ray experience was truly life changing. Since then he has continued to support the efforts of Manta research and has done a lot to collect data and promote the efforts of Manta matcher.

At Big Blue we are proud to invite both of these special guests onto our Similan liveaboard the MV Hallelujah. Please have a look at our Similan Liveaboard page to find out more details about our beautiful boat.

Contact us with the email heading ‘Manta Extravaganza‘ to qualify for a free camera rental and ask us any more questions about the trip.