What’s New?

Big Blue Diving Khao Lak is Getting Greener!

So the 2019-2020 season is now in full swing.

As Big Blue continues to try and improve the way we operate and the impact we have as divers, we have made a number of changes to way we do things.

E85 Fuel


We are pleased to say that the Blue Dolphin now runs on E85 ethanol based fuel. This fuel has 80% less carbon emissions and is less harmful to reefs. This is due to a much lower heavy metal content. Also fewer harmful chemicals are contained with in the fuel as it is  plant based. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 34% to.

blue Dolphin now makes greener waves.
Blue Dolphin making much greener waves.


Following up on the success of our stainless steel water bottles last year on board the Mv Hallelujah.

Where we saved the use of nearly 900 plastic water bottles, we have now taken further steps to reduce our plastic usage.

The Blue Dolphin now too has stainless water bottles and a refill station, saving the use of up to 2000 single use bottles a season.

Re usable Big Blue Stainless Water Bottles
Our New Big Blue Water Bottles.

We have sourced bio-degradable bin bags for our boats and offices. Locally sourced in Khao Lak from MK Bio Supplies the bags bio degrade and become food for microbes.


On Board the Mv Hallelujah

We stopped stocking yoghurt pots on board our Similan liveaboard the Mv Hallelujah.  Rat now makes homemade yoghurt and granola daily, a proven favourite already.

Rat on baord Mv Hallelujah
All smiles from Rat

Butter portions also gone in favour of a butter dish, ooo fancy I here you say.

Stainless steel lids for our buffet, replacing cling film and more fresh fruit out on the tables, not individually wrapped sweets, saving the planet, our teeth and our waistlines. Everyone is a winner.

Alongside this we removed glass soda bottles and larger plastic fizzy drinks. We now stock cans and tetra pack which we separate and recycle.

All small steps in their own way but over a season reduces our plastic use massively.

Looking After Our Reefs

We are again stocking “Reef Repair” products. This year we have added their cool mint lip balm too.

Obviously no ones wants to get sun burnt whilst out on or in the water. Some of the chemicals used in sunscreens have devastating effects on our reefs so we are proud to offer Reef Repair products on our boats and in our offices.

reef repair lip balm


So a couple seasons ago we made the switch over to the use of dinghy’s. Reducing impact on the reefs by using these much smaller boats to get to and from the dive sites makes a huge difference. It means much smaller jump groups and greater flexibility in where and when we jump, allowing the Mv Hallelujah to stay moored away from the dive sites. The fuel saving also a huge factor. Its definitely the way forward so we have replaced our older dinghy with a beautiful new one.

Dinghy arriving
Our new dinghy arrive with P-toe.

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