MV Hallelujah Similans Liveaboard Trip #20 | 30th Jan 2018

A Very Sociable Affair

Liveaboard diving is always great fun. With everyone in scuba diving mode and relaxing on the boat with lots of amazing food and plenty of chatter. Every now and then it just so happens that the boat fills up with extremely chatty people, cue the sociable aspect of a Similans Liveaboard….Scuba Divers on Similans Liveaboard

During the arrivals evening it was very clear that we had a group of sociable guests. Most arrive at the Liveaboard and accept a refreshing drink of water, juice, tea or coffee, but for the first time this season the requests flew in for an alcoholic beverage. Luckily enough, we stock beer and wine…winner!

The Instigators

Day 1 of the trip and having conducted the dives at 3 dive sites a number of our guests elected to swap the sunset dive at Turtle Rock for a warm shower and a visit to the wine cooler. Post dive and dinner and Team Francais start the social atmosphere in the only way possible….Singing!! Well done Team Francais.

The International language of Song

It never ceases to amaze me how music really does speak to all. With a wide spectrum of nationalities on board it didn’t take long for the majority of guests to be enjoying Team Francais’ Parisian singing. Of course there is always a few songs that rise up that everyone knows and it wasn’t long to see Japan, China, Australia, Malaysia, England & Korea all singing, humming or tapping along.

But What About The Diving!?!?

In essence, it was great. All the groups returned from dives with big smiles and stories of what they had seen and as ever, Richelieu rock and Koh Tachai took the top spots among our guests favorites. We cannot argue with that though, they where absolutely fantastic!

Blue water, Schooling barracuda, Richelieu Rock

Richelieu rock, underwater fields, sunshine, fish

Richelieu rock, underwater fields, sunshine, fish

Celebrations Onboard

A HUGE congratulations to 2 of our Japanese guests who (in what seemed to be the trips them) received a united chorus of happy Birthday singing from us all. Oh, and a pancake with Nuttella as a birthday cake. What more could you ask for.

Overcoming Fears

Frivolity aside, scuba diving is clearly a dangerous sport and it is all too often that we see recreational divers that lack the confidence in performing basic skills. This is through no fault of their own, time plods on and before you know it, it has been years since you last performed in-water skills during Open Water training. A perfect example of this was highlighted by one of our guests, Jasmine. She had some issues with basic mask clearance and after following me on a dive and witnessing me remove my mask (I had an itchy nose) and replace it, it became a topic of discussion.

Mermaid, scuba chick, scuba diver, blue water

Our Professionals Are Here For You

Please, please, PLEASE feel free to ask any of the Big Blue team to assist you if you would like to practice some skills whilst diving with us. Not only do we get a kick out of helping you but we are up to date with new techniques and are more than happy to share these with you. Jasmine (I know she won’t mind me saying) is now extremely confident with her mask skills and even elected to practice again during safety stops. Well done mermaid!!

Future Trips

A quick note of reassurance from the management……Don’t worry we have replenished the wine stocks that diminished during this trip. Thanks to all who contributed to a truly fantastic trip and for sharing your photographs.



Richelieu rock, underwater fields, sunshine, fish

Nitrox, Richelieu Rock, MV Hallelujah, Sunset, sea


Sea Horse, Red coral, Sea Bed, Water