MV Hallelujah Similans Liveaboard Trip #18 | 20-24th Jan 2018 | Big Blue Diving

Similans Liveaboard – The only way to see the best on offer

On this trip we received guests from around the world namely, Great Britain, America, Canada, Japan & Germany but not a full boat. Albeit 17 guests sounds a reasonable number, on MV Hallelujah we can cater for 25 so the boat felt even more enormous than she usually does. This was great for trip leader Matt as he does love his food!

Scuba Divers on MV Hallelujah in the Similan Islands

A Couple Of The Dive Sites

Of course all will want to hear about Richelieu Rock as it’s constantly rated as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world for its bio-diversity and it certainly is no understatement to say it is the best dive site in Thailand; but what about some of the others? There is so much more to a Similans Liveaboard than just one dive site, here’s a couple of our other favorites.

Three Trees

Named as such because there are Three Trees, on an island full of trees that look slightly different in color to the rest. Three Trees is East of island 9 in the Similans with a shallow reef descending down to a depth of 20m. Diving slightly further East and the coral becomes a sandy sea bed with outcrops of small coral bommies and a number of large rock formations. these bommies and rocks attract a number of species of aquatic life as they also have numerous soft corals latching on to them. It’s a particularly good sight for macro and is home to a number of Nudibranchs such as the Psychedelic Nudi pictured below. In General the current (if any) will run along the coast so as we return from the depths heading back to the reef we may have a little drift dive to conclude.

4mm Psychodelic Nudibranch

Elephant Head Rock

Apparently the rocks extending out of the water look like an Elephants head. Maybe so if you are looking directly into the sun, squinting with one eye closed and tilted head. Nevertheless, Elephant Head Rock is one of my favorite dive sites as the Boulder formations beneath the surface do present some amazing photography opportunities.

Sunlight and blue water at Elephant Head Rock Similan islands liveaboard

Diver at Elephant Head Rock, Sunlight behind the main Rock, Similans liveaboard

Elephant Head Rock Channel Large Rocks Similan island Big Blue liveaboard

The Similan Islands has so many dive sites on offer, I think it’s fair to say we had a great trip and a special thanks to the photographers for their fantastic contributions. These are just a few of the sites we visit, follow our blog to see more of the awesome diving available on our Similans Liveaboard, MV Hallelujah.


psychodelic nudibranch Similans liveaboard Big Blue Khao Lak

Harelquin shrimp Richelieu Rock Similans Liveaboard

Deep water sunlight and divers Koh Bon

Richelieu Rock Similans liveaboard Thailand

schooling fish Richelieu Rock big blue liveaboard