Similan Islands Diving Conditions October 2017

[az_column_text]Similan Islands diving conditions change dramatically as the seasons shift in Thailand. A typical question asked by divers joining a Similan Liveaboard at the start of the season (October) is; ‘Will we dive at Richelieu Rock?’ In October 2017, the answer was very much ‘Yes’.

MV Hallelujah Liveaboard Photos

A big thank you to everyone that came and joined us this October![/az_column_text]

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Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is considered to be the best dive site in Thailand, and often the highlight of the MV Hallelujah liveaboard trip. At the start of the Similan Islands diving season, there can still be some wind and waves. However, it would take some pretty bad weather to stop us from getting there. The MV Hallelujah liveaboard is a 35m long steel vessel, making it one of the most comfortable and stable boats in the Similan islands.

Richelieu Rock October 2017

Even from the very first trip, the conditions at Richelieu Rock were excellent. What is even better (for the MV Hallelujah at least), because of the wavy sea conditions, many of the smaller liveaboards were unable to make it up there.  Of the 12 dives we did at Richelieu Rock in our first 4 trips, for nearly half of them we were the only boat on the dive site! And there were a lot of fish there to greet us.

Diving with Jacks at Richelieu Rock on the MV hallelujah liveaboard

The walls of tiny glass fish were enough to block your view of the dive site. This in itself is an impressive site. But what makes it so incredible, is these poor little guys are food for Trevally, rainbow runners, jacks, groupers and many more. Richelieu Rock was teeming with life and action, and we got to do three dives there on each of our trips so far this season.

Thorny Seahorse at Richelieu Rock

The Peaceful Similan Islands?

It doesn’t take too much research on the Similan Islands to find out that they can get pretty busy. Particularly in the peak of high season. But as you can see, there are ways of avoiding the crowds.

Alone on Similan Island #4, Koh Miang

First of all, coming in October is a great time to dive the Similan Islands as it is generally quieter than December and onwards. Second, on the MV Hallelujah liveaboard trips we always try to time our island visits at the best time of the day. Take the dinghy over to the beach, just after breakfast, and arrive before all the day trippers. This way you can enjoy the islands to yourself.

Similan Liveaboards at their best

Thank you to everyone that joined us this October. We had a great time diving with you at some amazing dive sites, during the time of year where they are most undisturbed.

MV Hallelujah Similan Liveaboard at Koh Bon

Now, as guests of Big Blue Diving Khao Lak, you are entitled to 10% off all future direct booking with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did. See you again!

Similan Liveaboard October Gallery


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