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This Similan Liveaboard Season is a bit chilly, why?

diver with marble ray
The latest from The Similan and Surin National Parks. As in the 2019-2020 season this Similan Liveaboard season has started with some rather cooler waters around. When we say "cooler" we mean by as low as 19 degrees celsius in places. Why are the waters in The Andaman Sea cold this year? ANSWER- The Indian ... Read more

Megafauna Magic Returns to The Similan National Park

Whats Going on?

The cooler waters mentioned in our last blog continued into the start of February. Thermocline’s reading as low as 22 degrees C in places washed through the Similan and Surin National Parks. Although a bit chilly they certainly appear to be attracting a whole load of rays, sharks and recently mantas, as well as keeping the coral happy. So here what we have been up to in the Similan and Surin National Parks.

Similan Sea Fans

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Similan Science

Similan islands scientific research experiments scuba diving

Similan Science

With the huge changes to the Similan Islands national park this year, and the seemingly last minute implementation of new rules, it became very clear to us that our communication with the Thai authorities was not enough as it should be. So were overjoyed when we were kindly invited to join the ‘Phuket Marine National Park Operation Center 2′ and a group of Thai university students, to help carry out a series of ongoing scientific studies at the Similan Islands.

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Variety is The Spice of Life

Group Photo on SImilan Liveaboard MV Hallelujah

Knock-knock. “Good morning!!”, and a weak and sleepy “good morning” answers from inside the room number 8. Ok, Alex and Agatha are awaken. Let’s check…room 1…Ok, Kim and Keunyong, 2 of the korean divemasters; knock-knock. “Ileona!!!”, no answer, “Ileona!!”, that means “Wake up!” in korean, maybe doesn’t sound very polite taking into account that we are waking up the guests in our boat, but it was impossible for me to remember the good morning in korean, so the guys gave us this other option, much easier to remember (although probably I’m spelling it completely wrong); some noise comes from inside the room; good.

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Similans Secrets

This week we had a lot of fun.

Conditions were as good as they have been all season. 30m visibility almost everywhere, calm flat seas and generally no strong currents (obviously not including Koh Tachai, woohoo what a dive that was). However, one thing that struck me most this week was how many secrets there are left to be discovered here.

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Lucky Diving Days

[az_single_image image="2781" image_mode="img-no-responsive" image_style_effects="default-image" image_box_shadow_effects="no-shadow" image_alignment="alignleft" image_link="no-link" target="_self" animation_loading="no" animation_loading_effects="fade_in"] The Captain is not just happy, he is very happy. Even before entering his cabin, you can hear him laughing out loud, and he stills laughs louder when somebody pops into his cabin and mention the word “whaleshark” or bring the hand up to the ... Read more

Living the Dream?

hawk fish
“You are so lucky. You have the dream job!” is something that we are often told. And when we hear it normally we try to explain that is not as dreamy as it looks like: “ok, is great to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops all year around, and is really cool to wake up ... Read more

Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching

As we approach the beautiful limestone island of Bon, the people from the other liveaboards start turning towards us: the ones laying lazily in the sundecks that see how suddenly the blue of the sky is broken by something long and colourful; or the ones listening to briefings that turn their backs to their poor ... Read more