Mv Blue Dolphin Online Check In

Save time on departure night by checking in now

Why Check In Online?

Our online check in means we have all the correct info before departure. Much the same way as an online flight check in, we feel the less you have to do on departure day the better.

When you then arrive at MV Blue Dolphin all thats left is to sign one piece of paperwork, unpack and relax.
Do not worry we won’t share your info or spam you.
We will only contact you if there is important information about your trip.


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How We Handle Your Details

All the information we collect is kept safe and then deleted after each trip, unless you sign up for “Big Blue’s Dive Hours Scheme”. In this case we will keep your information secure and then when you return for your next trip, you will only need to let us know if any of the details have changed.

For more info on our dive hours scheme get in touch.


Check In Complete

Great news!! We look forward to welcoming you on board. So much so that we have sent you a 10% discount voucher for our online store. Some of the worlds leading dive brands at super prices. Order now, claim your discount and we will have your new gear waiting for your arrival to Mv Blue Dolphin.