Blue Dolphin Similan Liveaboard

Similan Liveaboard Trip 12


29 December 2023


02 January 2024

Departed From

Khao Lak, Thailand


Number of dives: 14

Similan Liveaboard Trip 12

Trip 12 has just returned and what a trip It was!!

Firstly conditions in the Similan’s proved somewhat challenging with some rather strong currents and cold upwellings again. However the plus side to this is most certainly the general reef health and fish stock levels. For our newer divers congrats for taking on board the instructions given and then chucking in some serious dive effort to get the most out of the dives.
We welcomed back a few returning guests also to Blue Dolphin, which is always nice. The group as a whole on the boat made for a really fun trip above the surface too.

Pick of the dives for me dive 2 at Richelieu Rock. The movement of the glass fish is stunning when it’s like that, and then add to the rest of the hunting action, multiple rays and two of the biggest giant trevally ever, the mood on board was somewhat reflective. Its almost like you need a bit more time to process what you have just witnessed or been immersed in.

Thanks again to all of you for joining and being a top top group. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope to see you all again next season or in the near future.


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