Blue Dolphin Similan Liveaboard

Similan Liveaboard Trip 04


9 November 2023


13 November 2023

Departed From

Khao Lak, Thailand


Number of dives: 14

Similan liveaboard tour leader ric parker

Similan Liveaboard Trip 04

Trip 04 is back from the Similan Islands, my second in a row and another great Similan liveaboard trip. Topside conditions were perfect once again, just some wind whilst at Richelieu with a few waves but nothing we couldn’t handle aboard the MV Blue Dolpin.

Congratulations Mari on completing your SSI EANx course, Aaron and Jack on completing your SSI Advanced Adventurer.

The one dive that really stands out for me was the final dive of the trip at Koh Bon Pinnacle. We encountered a huge Blotched Fantail Ray circling the deeper of the two pinnacles, a huge school of Chevron Barracuda and plenty of other productivity around the limestone rock.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, it was a pleasure meeting you all and enjoying more good times out at sea. I will be back out on the boat again in a couple of weeks. Ric

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