Similan Liveaboard Trip Report


Similan Liveaboard Trip 26

Am back on the boat again, this time for our Similan Liveaboard Trip 26. Getting to dive much more that I originally planned this season. Lucky me, it’s great to be back in the water so much and on the boat with amazing groups of people. Guess this is what I’ve always done and loved the most since moving to Khao Lak in Thailand all those years ago.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 25

Trip 25 has returned and what a wonderful relaxing trip with epic conditions, some really special sightings and great food and company all-round.

We started the trip with excellent conditions around the Similan Islands with awesome dives at Elephant Head Rock and Three Trees.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 24

Ric is back onboard for our Similan liveaboard Trip, this time is number 24 of the 2023-2024 Similan diving season.

This trip was another great series of dives. After a uncertain start to the season, Koh Tachai is just getting better and better. Amazing conditions and now frequent abundance of marine life has pushed Tachai back to it’s number one status. At least in Ric’s top Thailand dive sites.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 23

Our Similan liveaboard Trip 23 is now complete and thank you all for joining us. 

We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. The trip was a good mix of dive conditions, some currents, some still, some active, some calm, so it was really nice to see the opposing ends of the Similan Diving Scale so to speak. 

Similan Liveaboard Trip 22

congrats to Harry and Chris on completing their SSI Advanced Adventurer and Nitrox certifications. It’s always awesome to see people continue their dive education on board. We hope you got the most possible out of your courses and don’t forget we are always at the end of a message should you have any questions.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 21

The Similan Islands started our trip with some great dives, West of Eden had super clear water and plenty of hunting action for dive one. As the day continued the water stayed clear with some current starting to show, the marine life was hanging on the edges of the reefs and out in the blue. Nice to drift along amongst the fish.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 20

What a great Similan live aboard trip! Lots of familiar faces returned to make trip 20 an epic one. Some new faces too who will now hopefully become familiar Big Blue people over the coming years.

As many guests had dived our usual Similan dive sites a lot, we were able to rock up our schedule a little and visit some less frequently dived spots on the first day. These included Shark Fin Reef and Chinese Wall.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 19

Bigeye trevally at Richelieu Rock in Thailand

A great trip both above and below the water. We had some awesome dives and some real good laughs along the way too. A few glasses of wine and the occasional scotch made for somewhat of a slightly more decadent trip than usual but enjoyed greatly by everyone. Conditions in the water cleared from recent weeks, with some great viz around the Similans. As we pushed north, although the viz slightly reduced, Koh Bon and Tachai treated us to some very fishy dives.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 18

Trip 19 has returned and what a great few days of diving with a lovely crowd of guests from all over the world joining us in the Similan and Surin Marine parks.

Conditions proved to be much better than previous weeks with visibility returning to the levels we expect of diving the Andaman sea.

Similan Liveaboard Trip 17



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