Similan Islands Christmas

For a Christmas like no other, how about trying a Similan Islands Christmas! Don’t worry, you can still stuff your face with delicious food, have a little drink with good company and also enjoy the very best of Thailand’s Scuba Diving on the MV Hallelujah.

Merry Christmas

Similan Islands Christmas

MV Hallelujah trip #13 Highlights

So first of all, Merry Christmas from everyone at Big Blue Diving Khao Lak! We may be a little bit late but we only just got back from our Similan Islands Christmas! Here is a little teaser of what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

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Christmas Food & Drink

I will get to the Leopard Shark at Koh Bon and all the Scuba Diving related Christmas fun in a minute. First of all, I need to talk about food!

Similan Islands Chritmas Dinner

The food on the MV Hallelujah is always good, but at Christmas, it is even better! The variety of cheeses, meats and wines went down an absolute treat. However, we had plenty left over for the following day as people had already filled up on Chicken, BBQ skewers, sausages, potatoes, pasta, salad and of course a little bit of traditional Thai food. As good as the diving was, I have to admit this was my favourite part of the trip.

Christmas dinner on the MV hallelujah

All of the food mentioned was just on Christmas day. There are always a few surprises on the MV Hallelujah. From Pancakes & Pizza, Mango & Sushi or a huge variety of classic Thai dishes there will be new experiences for your tastebuds every day. And best of all, there is no better backdrop to enjoy all this delicious food than the Similan Islands.


Stay Healthy with the best tropical fruits or treat yourself to some more special treats. Even better, just try everything…

Food on the MV Hallelujah

Christmas Spirit

The trip would have been complete without a little bit of Similan Islands Christmas fun. Heres a few of our favourite photos from the trip starting with a couple of improvised snowmen.


Big Blue Instructor Neil with his beautiful antlers and sparkling smile. Have you ever seen someone love Christmas so much? Look at his little face!

Diving Instructor Similan Islands Christmas

With no burst setting on the camera, there are nearly 100 of these photos that didn’t work. Jumping up and down, fully dressed as Santa Claus, in the afternoon heat was maybe not the wisest idea. But, it was worth it.

Similan islands Christmas

The Scuba Diving

So I suppose i should talk a little bit a about the Similan Islands Christmas Diving. We may not have had any Manta Rays at Koh Bon but a real close encounter with a Leopard Shark was definitely a great Christmas Present.

Leopard shar at Koh Bon

Dropping down over all of the Glass fish and beautiful hard corals we were met by a large adult Leopard Shark lying down on the sand. As we got closer we could see he was enjoying a good cleaning with the small cleaner fish inside his gills. He didn’t seem too bothered by us and allowed us to get a few metres away so we got a great view.

Water Breaking scuba diving

Another Highlight of Koh Bon is whats known as ‘The Waterfall’. A small hole in the Island where water comes crashing through gives you a beautiful view from a few metres beneath.

Similan Islands Diving

Other divesites were equally impressive. A slow drift dive from south to north at Koh Tachai Pinnacle started with a large school of hunting trevallies and ended being surrounded by large Barracuda. Then, of course, Richelieu Rock was as beautiful as ever.

cuttlefish at Richelieu rock

Similan Islands Christmas

None of this fun would be possible if it wasn’t for our lovely guests. Thank you to everyone on board. We hope you had some wonderful Similan Islands Christmas fun. There was a great atmosphere and thank you to several of you for teaching us a few new dance moves. If you were on the trip please leave us a comment below to let us know about your experience.

Here is the MV Hallelujah trip photo. Please click on it to get the full size image.