Similans Sweet Sixteen!

Sweet sixteen!

What do kids want for their sixteenth birthday nowadays?

Probably very different things that what my generation wanted when we got to that age; the age when you think that you are already an adult… but, well… Some items are probably still the same: motorbike, car,… the tools that should give you freedom.  And there are other items that are probably still not really loved, like boring socks or classy pyjamas. LPs and cassettes? Probably not any more.

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Wedding Proposal at Richelieu Rock

Similan Islands

At the start of this trip I posted a photo of all of our customer’s cameras on our Facebook page. There were a lot! The caption read:

‘’If we don’t get some good photos on this trip, we are definitely doing something wrong’’

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Bubblemaker in the Similan Islands

Similan Islands Bubblemaker

Scuba Diving for the Whole Family on Big Blue’s Similan Liveaboard. Divers from the 9-year-old Bubblemaker to experienced Instructors all came to join us. And Similan Island Conditions are getting better and better!

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Manta Ray Snorkeling in Thailand

Manta Ray snorkeling in Thailand

21 Divers, 3 Snorkellers and every single person on board saw a Manta Ray. Diving is certainly one way to experience these amazing creatures. But if that’s not for you, don’t fret. If you are looking for Manta Ray Snorkeling in Thailand, then Koh Bon could be the place for you!

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Koh Bon 12/12/2014

Giant Manta Ray diving at Koh Bon

Manta Rays sightings becoming more and more frequent. Today, 12/12/2014, there were three Manta Rays at Koh Bon all day! Watch the video shot on a GoPro Hero 3, generously donated by one of our guests.

3 Manta Rays at Koh Bon!

This is reason enough to buy a GoPro Hero 3. Such clear footage! Make sure you set it to HD.

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Whale of a Time on our Similan Liveaboard

Sunset Similan Islands

Manta Rays on four separate dives from Elephant Head Rock all the way to Koh Tachai. Some Spectacular photography (Choose your favourite). And even a Whale! 

Also, scroll down to see our teaser video to get a real taste of our Similan Liveaboard. Thanks for the video Pru!

Similan Liveaboard Group Photo
Group Photo Trip #5

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