Group Photo on SImilan Liveaboard MV Hallelujah

Variety is The Spice of Life

Knock-knock. “Good morning!!”, and a weak and sleepy “good morning” answers from inside the room number 8. Ok, Alex and Agatha are awaken. Let’s check…room 1…Ok, Kim and Keunyong, 2 of the korean divemasters; knock-knock. “Ileona!!!”, no answer, “Ileona!!”, that means “Wake up!” in korean, maybe doesn’t sound very polite taking into account that we are waking up the guests in our boat, but it was impossible for me to remember the good morning in korean, so the guys gave us this other option, much easier to remember (although probably I’m spelling it completely wrong); some noise comes from inside the room; good. Continue Reading…

Similans Sweet Sixteen!

Sweet sixteen!

What do kids want for their sixteenth birthday nowadays?

Probably very different things that what my generation wanted when we got to that age; the age when you think that you are already an adult… but, well… Some items are probably still the same: motorbike, car,… the tools that should give you freedom.  And there are other items that are probably still not really loved, like boring socks or classy pyjamas. LPs and cassettes? Probably not any more. Continue Reading…